DJ Radar

jon union streetDJ Radar was born creatively ambitious.
He watched, studied and took points from
some of his favorite DJs such as Jazzy
Jeff,  Kid Capri, and Jam Master J. He
began producing his own remixes at the
age of 17. It wasn’t until the age of 20 that
he began to spin locally in clubs and bars.
DJ Radar made a name for himself among
the college students of Upstate NY with his
style of live remixes and blends. Shortly
after gaining a residency in 2005 at The Bigjon dj dance timothy
House, one of Albany’s largest night clubs,
he began producing a mix tape which
made his name very well-known in the 518
area. Never a showman, DJ Radar lets his
hands do the talking. He is technically very
sound and can adapt to any genre of
music. After making the switch in 2009 to a
complete Video DJ, Radar uses his video
edits to put an exclamation point on his
turntable skills. He has collaborated and
opened for many artists such as Will Smith,
LL Cool J, Linkin Park, Pete Rock and C.L.
Smooth, Boys 2 Men, LMFAO, Jazzy Jeff,
and MC Chef Nick. DJ Radar was featured
in Activision’s DJ Hero 3 which has yet to
be released. His party rock style of DJing
continues for private parties, weddings, as
well as bars and night clubs to this day!